Thursday, December 6, 2007

Water damage

The Master bathroom in our apartment developed a large water bubble on the ceiling that I noticed this past Tuesday. Maintenance came right away for a change and they pretty much tore apart our ceiling. Tons of water came down along with sheet rock and insulation... Thankfully we're in a 2 bathroom apartment so we can just use Ashleighs, but it's still annoying. They will be back in on Monday to fix it all up. And then I'm sure I'll be spending most of Tuesday cleaning up their messes...they really don't do a good job cleaning up after themselves! We had them come and fix Ashleigh's bedroom door. About an hour after they left, I notice Preston has something in his mouth. When I finally fished it out, I found that they left door/wood shavings all over and that was what he was chewing on!!! I was very upset-they should have at least told me there was a mess so I could go immediately clean it! Oh-well.... So anyway, here is our ceiling...sigh.

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arah said...

So good to see you've joined the blogging world. Love you guys!!!