Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ashleigh's new bike

We went and bought Ash her very first bike yesterday. (Thank you mom and dad Ballard for the gift card!!!) After trying quite a few we finally chose a Murray something or other bike. It's purple and has tassels and is very girlie. She loves it. She seems very confident on it too which is nice. I've told her some of my horror stories of crashing off my bike - just to warn her, but she's doing really well. I've found that the best place to learn to ride a bike is at the church parking lot. Since there is an abundance of Mormon churches around here, you don't have to drive far to find one.

Day 1 riding a bike---she didn't know she was getting a bike until we were in the car so as you can see she wasn't really dressed for a bike ride---skort and flip flops...oh-well, she did great anyway.

Tonight she did better. I took her to ride during the day, but we went back after Nick got home from work so she could show him how well she can ride. It was cute over hearing Nick give her advice and pointers. He's such a good dad---and he gave her lots of praise! She loved showing off!

I bought a little license plate and put the letters on to say her name (the back says CALL) She was excited to have it there so that everyone knows that this is HER bike! :)

Preston loves playing at the church parking lot too....he can walk/run all over and I never have to tell him No, Watch out, Stop that, etc..... He is always so upset when it's time to go, I swear he'd sleep there if we let him.

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