Saturday, March 22, 2008

House and work

It's official, I am the new part-time overnight CSM at Wal-Mart. I start on Friday night...I'll be working 1030pm-7am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I think this will be really good! I am so excited! The raise isn't nearly as much as I think it should be, but it is something, so I'm happy. There are currently 2 overnight CSM' who is a "back-up" meaning her title is Cashier, but she works as CSM on the nights when the main one has off...which isn't often. The main one-Susan-has been working 6-7 days a week for the last 2 months!!! She is definitely in need of a break! I am glad I can be that for her! The "back-up" (Lynne) has called in sick for the past 6 nights!!! tick tock, I think her days as back up are coming to a close! She's just not very reliable! Anyway, I am excited!

AND....the best news of all, we officially have our house, we have moved about 60% of our stuff already and the rest will be moved today (Saturday) with the help of some wonderful family and friends! The problem, however, is that the City of Eagle Mountain didn't tell us ahead of time that it would take up to 3 days to get our power and water hooked up, so we've been light-less and water-less everyday!!! Makes life kind of hard when you want to clean but have no water to do it with.....hopefully Nick and Randy can get it turned on for us tomorrow at least so we can clean...with out getting in to trouble..... ;-) We'll see!
I'll post pictures of our move soon..... woo hoo!


arah said...

that is so weird. rather than just transfer it over into your name, they just turned it off? How Rude!Glad you guys are getting into your house though, so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Your house is awesome. I love it. Thanks for letting me help decorate. How exciting!

Amy and Craig said...

Your house is so beautiful! Congrats on getting moved in. I can't imagine doing that with no water and no power. Ya gotta love moves, there's always something that you didn't get told ahead of time!