Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grrrrr.....customers SUCK!!!

Well, it was bound to happen. I have been having so many good days at work that it was about time for me to have a bad one...well tonight it happened. In a nut shell-I was the cashier at the Self Check out area.
One chick stole a movie...
One guy got in line after I put the "Lane Closed" sign up and when I told him he needed to go to another register he got mad, threw the hat he was holding at me and flipped me off. I immediately called security, but he was already out the door.
Shortly after another moron got in that SAME closed lane and when I told him that it was closed he threw a freaking wine bottle opener at me that he was going to purchase and as he was walking out of the store he screamed as loud as he could "This store is a pile of S***!"
I was obviously shaken up...I really didn't expect that reaction from customers and I seriously didn't think buy a HAT was THAT important! Whatever, I mean maybe it was....whatever!
I am just very glad to be home now, to have the day off tomorrow...and that it's my birthday...happy 28th birthday to me! :) Hopefully my work life will get good again.....

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