Saturday, March 8, 2008

Play ground fun-in the freezing cold!

The kids and I had so much fun yesterday...we played hide-and-seek (Ashleigh's favorite) and then went to the local elementary school to play at their playground. The kids has so much fun and so did I! :-)

Preston eating a cookie

We played Hide-and-seek. Ash hid under her bed...Preston was curious and decided to go under there with her....

Don't worry, they got out just fine! :)

Preston trying to go UP the slide-drives me crazy!

Ashleigh-always posing!

Preston trying to figure out where to go next-can you see how red his fingers are?

One of MANY fun slides!

These swings were great! I've never seen them before, but the kids absolutely loved riding in them!

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arah said...

what a fun park. brinley would be in heaven.