Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Road trip with Quinn to Payson

Quinn and the kids and I went on a road trip to Payson UT yesterday. Her friend, Richy, was working down there so we went to visit...and so I could meet him. We had lots of fun!!!! Sure love our road trips!

All ready to go....

Taking her sweatshirt off....I let Quinn drive!

Ash was really tired...and grumpy.

Preston's banana peel....oops

View from the van....pretty!

The kids playing outside.

Looking at one of the many floor plans Patterson homes has to offer--that's where Richy was working so he took us around to see all the different houses.

I only got pictures of the back of his head---sorry!!! I'll try to do better next time. And of course I forgot to get more pictures from our drive home. Oh-well. It was tons of fun! :)

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