Monday, March 16, 2009

And Preston will be....

Awesome growth chart--gift from kevin and Jana!

Preston "turned" 2 1/2 on the 14th so we measured him to see how tall he should be as a full-grown adult.

He has grown a little more than 2 inches in 6 months!

By my calculations he should be about 5'9" at full height! Woah!!! (to me that's tall!)

(Ashleigh should be 5'5")

To check your own kids measurements:
For girls, measure at age 2 and double that height then divide by 12.
For age 2 measured 32"x 2 = 64" / 12 = 5'3".

For boys, measure at 2 1/2 and double that height then divide by 12.
For age 2 1/2 measured 40" x 2 = 80" / 12 = 6'6".


Tamsen said...

Preston will be taller than E (he measured 5'8 3/4"). B will be 5'10". M will be 5'8" (and yes, I'm sure I measured it right). It'll be fun to see if these are right. I know that my measurement at age 2 was right on.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Ah...those Ballard genes coming thru! 5'8" is the height of most Ballard men. 'Course dad has shrunk a bit and is now only 5'6 1/2". But then, so have I - I was 5'6" when married and now am barely above 5'5". Those measurements were exactly right for all my kids except you - thanks to your back curvature (a Martin/Weibel gene). Thanks for letting us know! Love, mom