Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our date after our date

After our GREAT dinner date to Tucanos, we put the kids to bed and then went back out. I "dragged" Nick to my Wal-mart to see the HUGE party going on there for the Twilight movie release. It was MUCH bigger than I expected! I soon found out why---
(Rachelle Lefevre)
from the movie was at our Wal-mart! She stayed to sign autographs for 3+ hours! We only saw her from a distance, and couldn't get a picture of her, but I got a few of the surrounding crowds. We sold more than 3000 Twilight DVDs that night....thank goodness I didn't have to work it!

On our way home we made it to the RedBox at 12:01 and I was able to rent the movie for a dollar. And I made Nick and Christopher watch it the next'll have to ask them if they liked it or not.. ;-) I am surprised that I actually liked it this time! 3rd times the charm, right?!?

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Tamsen said...

Oh no! You liked it because I wasn't around... I am a bad influence :)