Sunday, March 1, 2009

Donuts for Dads

At Ashleigh's school on Friday they had "Donuts for Dads". All the dads (or uncle, grandpa, cousin, brother, etc) were invited for the last 20 min of school to have time with their child and share donuts, juice and milk. Ashleigh was SO excited to have her daddy there and show him off. Nick was really happy to see that EVERY child in her class had a "dad" show up! Pretty impressive!
Can you just see in her face how happy she is?!?
I love that smile!!

Afterwards (I know, it's weird) Nick took Ashleigh out to McDonalds for breakfast.
(um, didn't you just have donuts?)
It's good that they get to have daddy-daughter dates!
I know I absolutely cherished time with my dad while I was growing up.
This just melts my heart!

Thank you, Jana SO much for watching Preston so Nick could go to this! We REALLY appreciate it!!!


nicks88turbo said...

I just love my daughter. we had so much fun. Thank you Megan for bringing her into my life. Couldnt have done it without you. I love you both

Tamsen said...

That is so sweet, Nick. We love you guys. I was going to write, "Hey! We do Donuts for Dad here too! For us, the 2nd graders do it around Father's Day. So fun."