Sunday, March 15, 2009

My week of coupon shopping

There were quite a few things I wanted to get this week at both Target & Walgreens. My first stop was at Target. I bought 11 packages of Goldfish Crackers (the kids already claimed 2 of them), 4 Motts applesauce's, and 12 Johnson's Buddies Soaps for only $15.50. I saved about $28.88.
65% savings

I was in the Draper area so I stopped at the Walgreens there to see if they had any of the items in stock that I wanted to buy. They only had the Garnier Fructis haircare, but they also only let me get 2 of each product--NO more! Arg... I got all 4 for free, so I had to get a filler item--Ash
wanted Pnut M&Ms. I spent $1.28 and saved $14.44.
92% savings!

On Saturday, I went to my Walgreens in Saratoga Springs. They had just stocked the shelves, but they were still out of a lot of the things I wanted. Its so frustrating. However, they did have the diapers and wipes I wanted to get the RR deal.
Transaction #1--2 Pedialyte, 6 Garnier Fructis, and 3 candies. I used my $10 RR from the other day and paid $3.62 oop, and saved $36.82.
Transaction #2--I bought 2 diapers, and 1 huge package of wipes. Spent $14.69, Saved $15.47...and got a $10 RR.
Transaction #3--I bought 2 pull-ups, and 1 huge package of wipes. Spent $14.69, Saved $15.47...and got a $10 RR.
Transaction #4--I bought 2 pull-ups, and 1 huge package of wipes. Spent $16.69, Saved $15.47...and got a $10 RR.

Total OOP $49.69 Total Saved $83.23 63% savings.
Plus I have $30 in RR to use on future purchases.

Then we stopped at Walgreens in Lehi. I had 4 more Garnier Fructis coupons to use, so I used them up, bought some more pedialyte--on sale 2/$10 - $2/1 coupon = $6 for 2! I needed some face cleanser and Nick needed some deodorant, so I decided to get some necessity items and use my RR to pay the difference. My total bill would have been about $41 (I can't find my receipt). After my coupons and 2/$10 RR's I paid OOP about $6.
Thats an 85% savings.

But then....I was at work last night. Our store has been doing better about filling up a folder with the current Ads from other stores because we price match to other stores. The Ads were on the counter so I started looking through them. I only got through a small part of the Smith's Ad. They had some great deals--and stuff I knew I wanted to buy and that I had coupons for, so I shopped after work. (I didn't take a picture since I brought it all home at 430am!) I bought 8 boxes of Kelloggs Cereal, a 12-pack double rolls of Cottonelle TP, 4 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 2 toaster strudels, 2 Fettuccine pasta, 2 sour cream, 2 packages of Oreos, 5 Mentos gum, 4 Johnson's buddies soaps, 4 Healthy Choice pantry meals (for lunches for Nick at work), 2 McCormick seasoning packets, Asparagus, Grape tomatoes, and 5 oranges. My total before price matching and coupons would have been $91.37. My total after price matching was $67.
My total after my coupons and discount--my OOP was only $44.90.
I saved--$46.47 which is a 51% savings.

I was very pleased. I bought a lot of stuff this week...I took a look around our cold storage when I was putting stuff away and realized that I really don't have to shop at all for a few weeks at least if I don't want to...except to buy milk. I don't think I'll go shopping this week at all...unless I can get it for FREE!

This week, my total should have been $325.39, instead, I spent--$117.37. I saved-$208.02 64% savings!

My thought is that now that I have a really good supply of household items, and food storage, I am going to talk to Nick about how much my coupon budget (which will include household and grocery items) should be and see how well i do at sticking to it each week. I actually think it will be a really fun challenge!

Stay tuned....

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