Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The budget and Walmart shopping

My first week following a budget is done and I am proud to say that although I did not stay under budget, I only spent a few dollars over! I spent a total of $51.65! Pretty good, right!?! I was pretty proud of myself. (Probably helped that I didn't see any great deals at Walgreens last week...and very few this week--will probably skip shopping there this week too!) it's been fun trying to save money and stay under a budget. Hopefully I'll do better this week!


Last week I was looking through my coupons with one of my co-workers who is also doing couponing-thanks to me! I realized that I still had 9/$4 off Sense and Spray coupons. (My Walgreens never has them in stock!) I also realized that we price match at Wal-mart-DUH, so I pulled out the March Easy Saver book where they have a $4 off coupon. I pulled 9 Sense and Sprays off the shelf, and 3 Mentos Gums (I had 3/$1 off coupons left). My total should have been $78.27, but after my price matching and coupons, I paid only $5.64 (with tax)!!! :-)
Thats a 93% savings!!! :) I was VERY happy about it...and my co-workers were blown away...again! Lol. Ahhh...feels good to save!

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Tamsen said...

Great job! Tell me, how does walmart price matching work? Do you have to bring in the ad or is there an easier way? Also tell me if those sense & sprays work. I've wondered... See you Friday!