Monday, August 10, 2009

Buckle fracture

On August 3, Preston hurt his leg on the trampoline at my sisters house. At the time it seemed like it was sprained or hyper extended, but not broken. However, on my way home, I just felt like I needed to get it checked anyway. I took him to the InstaCare (urgency care). They took a couple x-rays of his leg, said it's fine, just sore, and sent us on our way. I was a little discouraged, but decided to just keep any eye on him...

He didn't walk on it at all for 2 days. Then he figured out that it didn't hurt if he crawled around on his hands and feet (not knees). He got around that way for the next 5 days. Juli and Randy watched Ashleigh and Preston and after expressed their concern for Preston. Sometimes I just need a little push to be proactive, and Juli's concerns came at the right time and gave me that push I needed to take Preston in for a 2nd opinion.

Yesterday-Aug 10, I was able to get an appointment with a pediatric Dr. He decided it would be best to send us over to the hospital to get more x-rays done. The lady who held preston in place for the x-ray was amazing!!! She was so kind and personable and Preston just loved her! They decided they needed an x-ray of his Right leg too to compare. 3 Radiologists took a look at it and determined that Preston has a buckle fracture. So, we went back to the dr's office to get a cast on his leg. The nice thing, is they use a different material for kids' casts so that he CAN get it wet! Yay! Preston doesn't quite understand why he can't take it off at night to sleep, but he has figured out that he can walk with it on, AND his leg doesn't hurt anymore! Woo Hoo. He has to wear the cast for 3 weeks.

Some pics I took.... This is a circumcision table. Poor poor babies!!! It's just totally barbaric! In My Opionion


I needed a new pic for the wallpaper on my phone....

Getting his x-rays done.

The plastic material for under the cast. And his "racing stripes"

Putting on the cast

He didn't want his picture taken...waiting for it to harden up

The final product.


Anonymous said...

I am so so happy that he is all fixed up. He is such a sweetie. I am so curious as to who took the picture with you holding him. Was it Ashleigh? Brave little boy.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Thanks for the pictures! I wondered what the cast would look like. Did you go back to the prior doc and chew him out? I hope so!! Glad he is doing better!!

Megan said...

Ash took one of the pictures, and the nurse took the other picture.

Yes, went to the other Dr. They are researching it, and I should hear back later this afternoon. I'll get my money back...I'll fight until I do!