Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meg's alone day

I have been in a funk a rut, and feeling like I need a change in my life. Nick and I decided that maybe what I need is an alone day once a week or so. My alone days won't be so "Big" as my first one was. I decided to go to Park City last Sunday. I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! It was SO nice to go out all day by myself and just think, see the beautiful sights, shop a little bit and just reconnect with myself! After hearing my kids say "mommy" over and over and over every day I thought my head would explode. It's nice to know that I can go out alone and hear my own thoughts! I am sure you other mom's out there know exactly what I am talking about! Here are some pictures from my day...

On my way..

At the Olympic park

The entrance to Historic Main Street..where I spent most of the day

Planned on riding the trolley, but never got around to it

I thought these buildings were cute--thus the pictures.
There was a motorcycle convention...I probably saw 50-60 motorcycles!

In one of the shops--this is a little metal man that is a Wine holder. So cute!

This man was hilarious and so nice! He tried to sell me that necklace on his head for Nick...turquoise just isn't Nick's color.

There were a lot of musicians...I really enjoyed just sitting and listening to them!

Hmmm...I think I see a resemblance. Lol... I had to take a picture with one of the locals!

Every Sunday until the end of Sept is the Sunday Silly Market. Lots of vendors and food stands. Reminded me a lot of Saturday Market in Portland.

Amazing Teeter-Totter. Couldn't get a better picture! But it was REALLY cool to see!

I saw that people were riding on a ski-lift! It only cost $11 for a 45 min ride. What a better way to be alone!

On the was REALLY scary at first! I didn't realize that I had a bar-belt that would hold me in the seat securely! Once I figured that out, I was comfortable and happy and really really enjoyed the ride!

I was REALLY high up....this picture-- I am about 100 ft above the ground and that's my feet dangling. scary! :-)

See how high I am....on the trail, on the left of the picture are two people on bikes!!!

The slops... they don't look as scary with out snow on them!

The view from the top of the lift coming down

Typical Utah---PC on the mountain = Park City

I LOVE this town!!! I want to move there so much!!!

Coming in for a landing...
The rest of the time was spend touring the town in my car, seeing the sights, etc. I was gone a total of about 6 1/2 hours. It was a really really great day and I had SOooooo much fun!!! It was exactly what I needed to feel energized and happy again!

Thank you honey!!!

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