Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family reunion

It's family reunion time again and Emily and her girls--Bridget and Avery--came in to town! I took Ashleigh and Preston over to see them at my parents house on Thursday and we got to spend the majority of the afternoon/evening there. It was so fun seeing Ashleigh and Bridget together again...they didn't fight at all (which was really nice) and seemed to really just enjoy being around each other again.

Preston and Avery are only 3 months apart in age--here they are "getting to know each other" again.

Ashleigh, Bridget, Avery, & Preston

Me and Em

Candid Pic of preggo-Em. She is (I think) 28 weeks. (due in October) She's so cute!!!

Avery and Preston became best buds (which was surprising to both Emily and me)

Emily and I went shopping at Smiths Marketplace and found some shorts that be bought Bridget, so I bought some for Ash so they could match. So cute!

Then Avery wanted in on the action...

While at Smiths, we bought the girls some stick on nails. They had so much fun putting them on and decorating them...even Preston!

Even though he looks upset, he was actually really excited about putting nails on. What a weird kid! Lol...

The next day I took my sisters (Tamsen and Emily) to Cafe Rio for lunch. A late lunch--I was really really late! It was so fun to spend time together....I LOVE my sisters!!!! :-)