Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robin's visit

Robin and her girls--lindy, Maren, Natalie, and karly (LONG time family friends) came for a visit last week! Robin and I have always had a close bond and she was the one who drove to Utah with me when we moved here over 2 years ago! That's the last time I've seen her! It's been TOO long!!! Robin and her girls stopped by our house on her trip from Spokane area to St. George area. They only stayed a few hours, but it was really nice to visit and reminisc and to see how her girls have grown!!! I sure miss them!

Top L to R: Natalie, Robin, Lindy, Maren
Front: Karly

Robin, Tamsen, Meg

Preston just fell in love with Lindy...and her bracelets! :)

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