Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ash wanted to show off what she made at school last week.

She showed me that Bats sleep upsidedown, so she wanted us to pin it up in her room upside down while she sleeps and then she would pin it right side up when she is awake.

But, so far, the bat is just hanging out on my desk. lol. She's cute!

Ashleigh LOVES art....and is coloring, drawing, painting, writing, cutting, etc pretty much any chance she gets. I need to get her in to an art class! I think she may have some of her Great Grandma Leslie and Grandma Call in her. :) It would be great if she explored her art and figured out if its something that she really loves or not.

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Josh n Betsie said...

wow you really updated, where have I been? I love that preston loves his trains and army men. Just like his dad. I sure miss you guys