Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This morning I went to use my computer, but the battery was dead so I went to find the cord. When I unplugged it, I noticed something out the corner of my eye moving.... it was a mouse inside one of our sticky traps that we had set up behind our couch to catch spiders. It's little leg moved like twice before I flipped out and ran to the kitchen for a big Tupperware to put it in. When I got back, it blinked its eye at me once then closed it's eyes...and I assumed it was dead. I carefully picked up the sticky trap and stuck it in the tupperware, put the lid on, and put it in our outside garbage can.

Then I went about my day. I ran lots of errands, put my groceries away, got Ash from school, did homework with her, and just finished helping her get ready to go outside to play when, as I am typing on the computer, I noticed something moving and when I looked I saw a mouse climbing around on the inside of the dishwasher door....I sat frozen for a sec, just watching it, when it started to go back inside the dishwasher, I got up enough nerve to go and close the dishwasher door with my foot.

Then I got a bunch of sticky traps and lined around the dishwasher. Meanwhile, the kids freaked out and were sitting on the kitchen table. After about 20 min I decided I couldn't wait 3 more hours on the table until Nick got home, so I called my dad-in-law to come over and help...thankfully, he lives only 5 min away now so he was here in a flash.

While I was waiting though, the mouse showed up again, only this time, it's like it knew that I put the "death traps" down cause it wouldn't go on the ground, but I saw it climb just above the floor moldings from the dishwasher to the vent under the sink and it disappeared. Grrr...

Randy came over, took off the bottom front part of the dishwasher and took off the vent cover. We both looked, but didn't see the had long since escaped back to wherever it came from....our basement somewhere for sure! Randy lined the openings with sticky traps for me, did another thorough look and then left.

As for me, I am sure the mouse is gone (at least not in the kitchen anymore) but I can't seem to pry myself away from the table...I am afraid that it will come back and I will miss it. I have to pee REALLY bad, but I am perfectly willing to wait until Nick gets home (in 2 hours) before I do. Meanwhile, I am being a bad mom....snapping at the kids, and making them stay out of the kitchen! They are watching a movie...Team Geo Tracks....AGAIN!

I HATE MICE!!!!! I am going to give Orkin a call again to come back and refresh all the traps. I can't live like this!!!!! I know I am going to have a VERY hard time sleeping tonight. *sigh*


Nick said...

I will make sure I wear you out so you can sleep soundly tonight. lol

Anonymous said...

Randy didn't even tell me about this. We need to communicate more. The mice in Utah are insane and way too smart. I need to get the number for the Orkin guy. I just know there are bugs and rodents lurking around our new house. Gross!!!!!!!