Saturday, October 17, 2009


All you from Washington, guess what!?!!?!?!?! Winco foods in coming to UTAH!!! YIPEE!

Go here to see the locations!

The one in Midvale opens on Monday! :-)

They always had the best bulk food selection and the best prices in town! As far as I remember they don't price match, and I don't remember if they take coupons, but think they do....but their prices don't need it!

Anyone who is a Winco virgin, you absolutely HAVE to go!!! You'll love it! I will definitely be there on Monday (asking for a job, lol) and to check out my old favorite store! Ah, it's nice to have a little piece of Washington here in Utah! :)


Tamsen said...

I'm a winco virgin and would love for you to show me the ropes :) Will ya, meg?

Patrick and Emily said...

I love winco prices but I stay away from their produce....the worst!!

hakesfam said...

Drive by that midvale store on my way to Rob and Jills, will definitely have to stop and lose my Winco virginity. :o

Nick and Meg said...

Heck yes, I will go with is like Food Pav.
Em, I agree, produce is really hit or miss there, but the rest is GREAT!
Toni...would love to go with you too! :)