Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poor Ashleigh

Nick is better, Preston is better (90%), but now Ash is sick. Last night after school she just seemed off...when we asked her if she was sick she said "No". We think she was just in denial. This morning she woke up when her alarm went off, turned it off, then basically just collapsed at the end of her bed and went back to sleep. Nick decided she needed to stay home. When I woke up later, she was a little warm. She told me she was really hot, but then a couple min later would say she was really cold. So, I fed her some food and put her back to bed...she is taking her 3rd nap of the day. I really think sleep and lots of water/juice will make her feel better in no time.

She has really poor at Ballet they were able to wear their Halloween costumes, tomorrow at school too, then after school is a carnival. Saturday is trunk or treat and then trick or treating in the's a lot of stuff that she is going to have to miss if she doesn't get better soon! Poor kid.... every year, with out fail, she gets sick on or around her birthday. sigh.


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

so sorry to hear this!! We're praying for her. Love you, Ash. G'ma & G'pa

Anonymous said...

Come on Ash, you can do it. I just know you will be well and can go trick or treating. And if not, I will bring you a whole bag of candy of your very own. Love you! G'ma Call