Saturday, October 24, 2009


Wednesday night when Nick got home from work, we cleaned out the cold storage and the whole basement and vacuumed, etc. We got laundry going and did all sorts of other things around the house. Then Nick disappeared. When I found him, he told me he was really really tired and didn't feel good, so I sent him to bed. He planned on taking only a 1/2 day at work on Thursday, but at noon, realized he wasn't getting any better and decided to stay home the whole day. Friday he was really sick--aches, fever, sinus pain/pressure, headache, tired, etc. I kept the kids away and tried to help him feel as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, I had to leave him Thurs and Fri night to go to work. Today, he is feeling much better--still slight fever, and little bits of everything else, but better, none the less. For which I am very grateful!

Preston has a little bit of a runny nose, but otherwise the rest of us are doing well and avoiding this illness. We've been spraying Lysol all over the house a couple times a day, and washing our hands/faces a lot, so I think all of that is helping.

I keep reading that lots of other people are sick....this flu is hitting hard this year. For me, this is the only thing I "hate" about winter....however, personally, I would rather have the flu than a cold!

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick. Hope Nick is better today. Will we see you tomorrow at Ballard's Primary Presentation? They told us that they invited you. Love you. mom