Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dinner with Jeff

Quinny has a boyfriend...his name is Jeff. He is from Texas. I think they like each other a lot! ;-) We all went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse so he could meet "the parents". I think it all went pretty good. Nick and I like Jeff and are glad that he and Quinn are happy together!

I don't think Preston wanted his picture taken.... lol.

Nick, and Mom and Dad Call

Jeff and Quinn

Preston and mommy

Ashleigh and mommy

When everyone was finishing their meals, Ash and I still hadn't gotten our meals...
Ash was getting a little tired and sad about it. poor thing! Pretty sure she was just VERY tired because about 15 seconds after getting in the car to go home, she was sound asleep!!!


Patrick and Emily said...

Those are pretty pictures of you, Meg!

Nick and Meg said...

Ah, thanks Em! I have my moments, I guess. lol. Miss you!!!!