Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preston funnies

Preston says the cutest things sometimes.... the other day Ashleigh went outside to play. Preston followed her to go play with her and as he was leaving I heard him yell "Ashleigh, I want to play with you, because I love you!" He says that to her when we drop her off at school in the morning... "Bye, Ashleigh. I love you!" and then after she is gone he'll say "I miss Ashleigh, I love her". It's just SO adorable! This boy can be SO sweet sometimes...when he wants to be....
Just look at this adorable picture! :) Preston is the only 3 year old who prefers to sleep on his Boppy pillow rather than a regular pillow.

Preston LOVES his trains....

We went to Nick's parents ward for church a couple weeks ago to hear Randy speak and this was Preston during the closing prayer. Lol. such a cutie! I was afraid that he would fall down.
Preston also has the most amazing memory! He has a couple books that he knows by heart, his favorite TV show is Team UmiZoomi and he knows all the songs in it. He also watches Thomas the train movies, and a movie called Team Geo Tracks and can recite all the lines in the WHOLE thing! This boy would be a great actor if he would perform in front of strangers. ;-) But, I think the best thing about him is how much he REALLY loves Ashleigh...he wants to spend time with her all the time and is sad when they are not together.

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Such a cute post. Dad said he loved being with Preston babysitting him. Love, mom