Sunday, February 14, 2010

Girl Cousin Sleepover

Friday night my parents invited the girl cousins (minus Bridget) over to their house for a sleepover party! Ashleigh was SO excited!!!! When we arrived the girls saw the cute hearts on the front door with their names on them! :)

The got to make their own pizzas

And then they got to decorate cookies

Then the girls got to sleep in the guest room together.
What FUN!

The next morning Grandma helped them get ready for the day

She did the girls' hair and put some make-up on them

I LOVE this picture!!!

Then they went to a playground to play
Here they are "in jail"

These girls are so close in age--Teriesa is 7 months older than Ashleigh. Ashleigh is 8 months older than Maura (and Maura is 5 months older than Bridget) and they are GREAT friends!!!!
I Love It!!!

And then they played some other games. They also watched videos of me and my sisters when we were kids, and "The Ballard Family Singers", a video my family did when I was about 5 years old. And the the girls did a little video (I'm told)...can't wait to see it! They also got to call their other cousin Bridget in Washington...Ash was SO sad that Bridget couldn't be there too!

Ash talked non-stop about how much fun she had and what fun things they did and how she can't wait to do it again! :) It sounded like so much fun! :)

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!


Patrick and Emily said...

Pretty pretty girls. They love doing makeup with grandma, huh!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Thanks! We had fun - but were so exhausted afterwards that we both took a 2 hour nap!! tee hee. We missed Bridget, but had fun talking to her on the phone. The girls were all well behaved and it was truly a good experience for us all. Love you. mom