Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Nick really came through this year and surprised us all with some wonderful gifts for Valentine's day!!!!

Traditionally, Nick gets Ashleigh a single rose and a stuffed animal, but this year we decided it was time to get something for Preston too! Nick got him Hot Wheels Custom Motors--he can "build" "fix" a car by himself. He LOVES it...actually nick loves it too! lol.

This is the first ring that nick bought me when I was 16 years old! I think the ring shrunk over the years because it got too small, so Nick kidnapped it and took it to be re-sized. He surprised me with it last night at dinner! :)

Nick also bought me a diamond's so pretty! I was surprised and SO excited!!! What a wonderful man I married!!!!


Tamsen said...

Oh my gosh, what sweet gifts--especially resizing the ring. Way to go, Nick!!

(I thought you guys didn't celebrate Valentine's Day until the day after in order to get cheap gifts?;)

Patrick and Emily said...

I love "the ring shrunk" comment. I think I've said similar things about my clothes at times. Haha. Nice stuff! Good job Nick.

Nick and Meg said...

We don't usually celebrate (between us) until after, but Nick didn't want to wait...his gift won't be here til Tuesday since I didn't think we were celebrating til then. lol. oh-well!

What?!? Rings can't shrink??? dang it. lol.

Riley and Breanne said...

What a cute hub you have! I hate it when my jewelry shrinks like that.