Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boy cousin sleepover

On April 8th, While Ashleigh was at a girl cousin sleepover at my parents house to finish the playhouse, Tamsen invited the boy cousins to her house for a sleepover too! :-) It was nice to have both the kids gone for the night.

Tamsen said all the kids were very well behaved and they had a good time! I love the pictures so I stole them from Tam's blog.

L to R: Nathan, Preston, Ethan, Braeden, Cooper, Sheridan

Silly faces

Of course it's always fun to torture Todd and hang off the back of his scooter. :-( Poor Toddy.

He is such a good sport.
Thanks Tam...LOVE YOU!!!

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Tamsen said...

Awww! I love you!! Seriously, the boys were so well behaved. We loved having this last fun time with Preston before he left us.