Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our new house in WA

I have the most wonderful husband!!! Shortly after he arrived in WA I started giving him pages and pages of rental houses addresses to go see. He would call me as he drove by them to tell me what he thought...I have notes from him--some say "No, in the ghetto", "No, on a busy street", "No, run down/dirty", etc...I got a list of about 5 houses from him that he approved of and so I set up appointments for him to go see the insides. The first house he was to see was the least expensive, with the most amount of bedrooms/bathrooms and looked the cleanest, as well as in a nice/private area. Nick looked through and called me to tell me he loved it!!! He and I have very similar tastes in house styles so I trust his judgment. I'm glad I did, from what I can tell of the house it's so cute and has plenty of room for our little family of 4 and since it's a great price for us, that makes it even better! ;-) Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Front of the house...(looks similar to the house we owned in Vancouver prior to moving to Utah)
Front yard's in a cul-de-sac and off of a flag lot (that we share with another house). It has a lot of privacy, which I love! :-)

Side of the house. The yard is all fenced too, which is GREAT!!!


Back yard patio, walkway, yard

Back of the house

"Lexi" all tucked in the garage. :-)

The prior tenants left some things behind. Pretty sure the property mgmt company is going to come and get it all. Love all the shelves!

Our front door area
The front closet...big! There is a TON of storage in this house!!

The laundry room

It has a teeny-tiny kitchen, but thankfully, it has a half wall that looks in to the family room so it won't feel so small. I'll miss my big kitchen that I have now, and my pantry, but I can live with out those things. We're going to replace the fridge and stove with ours from our house here in Utah.

Pics of the family room...the 3 pics on the wall were the prior tenants, but they are nice, so we'll keep them. :-)

View from the kitchen to the dining room, back yard, family room.

We have a half bath on the main floor...something our house in Utah was seriously in need of! ;-)

View from the family room towards the front of the house...bathroom, laundry room, stairs...

Lots of'll be fun moving our furniture up and around those corners. lol. :-)

The kids' full bathroom

Master bedroom walk in closet

Master bath

Master bath

HUGE window in the master bath!

1 of 2 big hall closets. Yay for storage!!!

Master bedroom from the door

In the hallway looking to the other 3 bedrooms...left will be office, and the kids will choose which room they want from the middle and right one. They are identical just opposite layout.

and that's pretty much it! ;-) I like it. I know I'll love it once I'm there and living there day to day and get adjusted to the new lay out. I think Nick did a GREAT job and now he's happily living there and anxiously waiting for us to move in too! :-) I can't wait. We have 9 more days until he's home, and 12 days until we move.

Oh, so the house has ALL new carpet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage, fully fenced, around 1500 square feet. It's right off of St. Johns in Vancouver near the I-205 freeway. It's in a very cute neighborhood and Nick says there are lots of kids around there, so we won't have to worry about our kids not being able to make friends.

I'm excited. It's bitter-sweet, but we know this is the right move for our family at this time in our lives.


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Very much like your old house, Megan! That's awesome. With new carpets, guess you're all gunna have to take off shoes all the time, huh? ;-) Love you! mom

Tamsen said...

I'm so excited for you! Looks like Nick picked out a great place.

Josh n Betsie said...

looks wonderful. Good job

Nick said...