Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving Day

Moving day started early on Thursday April 14th. We got up, ran a few errands and got our Penske truck. Nick started loading up boxes while I kept boxing things up in the house. We make a good team! Preston even wanted to help... :-)

Preston and Ashleigh helped load boxes and then Nick gave them boxes and they would push them to the front of the truck. It was so cute to watch them wanting to be SO helpful!
Quinn came over first and jumped right in and helped. She was a HUGE help to Nick especially, helping him move all the big heavy things from the house to the truck! I was so impressed by her strength and dedication! I know Nick really really appreciated her hard work!!!

She also helped the kids set up a Powerade stand where they tried to sell them for 50c each! It was so cute and I was so surprised to see how much money they actually made! (Picture with Preston's friend Colton)

Full room....
Empty room...

Mama Call came over and so did my mom and dad and Tamsen with her kiddos. :-) I was so happy to see them all and to have their help!!! Everyone did so great helping where they were needed and doing some heavy moving. What a blessing it was to have all their help and we thoroughly appreciated it!!!

Randy came over soon thereafter and helped Nick organize the truck so that everything fit well inside and so that it would be evenly distributed to get the best gas mileage. He was all business, as Nick was, and they got things moved and loaded up quickly! I was very impressed!

After we said our sad good-bye's and everyone left, we settled in for the night on our make shift "bedroom" for the night and the kids had a sleepover in Preston's room. Nick and I slept horribly on this hard mattress, but hey, it was 1 night, thankfully, and after such a long day, we were just happy to have a bed to sleep in. ;-)

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