Saturday, January 19, 2008

Basement fun...

I had so much fun today. My sister Tamsen and I ambushed my brother over Christmas and told him that we were all going to come over to help him finally finish his basement. They are expecting baby #5 and definitely need the room so he can't put it off any longer. We all met this morning at Kevin's house-Ryan, Tamsen, Todd, Nick, Me, Jana's brother Brett, and Nick's dad, Randy all came to help! I helped a lot at first but then decided that there were "too many chefs in the kitchen" so I stepped back and let the others take over. It was fun to watch the dynamic between everyone and to see them all work together to help get the basement finished. Silly me, not realizing how long it really takes to get a whole basement finished, I actually thought we would get it done in 1 day, but no, we'll be back to help again, and again, and again...until its done. The baby will be here in July, so we have a few months. :) It was tons of fun though!

(From Left to Right)
Kevin, Tamsen and Ryan

Randy and Nick-they did one of the closets! Wow, that was a major undertaking-SO glad to have someone experienced so willing to help us! THANK YOU!!!!!

Randy gave Nick lots of opportunities to "help". Nick learned a lot working on this, and I know he really enjoyed spending this time with his dad! I know I loved seeing them work together!

(From L to R)
Nephew Sheridan, Jana's brother Brett, Todd
They did a great job working on the wiring! I got so confused just watching them!

My brother Kevin... I became kind of the errand girl for everyone after a bit-Kev asked for the most. It was nice to be useful. :)

(From L to R)
Nick, Randy, Ryan
After Nick and Randy finished the closet, they came to help finish framing the last wall/door. The measurements kept coming out wrong! So funny. They all did a GREAT job!

My sister-in-law Jana is one in a million-she pretty much watched ALL the kids while the rest of us worked. The kids made blanket forts, and played outside in the snow, and actually did an amazing job being together for so many hours. Here they are playing American Idol Karaoke.

Like I said, I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back to do some more "work". :)

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