Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Pictures...

I realized that I have not posted anything in a few days, and since I have been slacking on taking pictures of things going on here, I thought I would just post some random pictures of things that maybe you have not seen before...

Here I am in the hospital before I had Preston. I am one of the strangest people....I actually enjoy labor. It's very empowering to me.

Ashleigh holding Preston just after birth. They both look SO little to me! I am amazed at how Ashleigh took to being a big sister right from the start. She LOVES having a little brother.

Ashleigh just loved to lay with Preston and always be with him. Aren't they cute?!?

This is our old house in Vancouver.....It was a great first house!

This is Aubree and Michael....most of you know them...This was taken shortly after they began dating and Michael would come a crash at our house to see her. It was a lot of fun seeing them date and fall in love and be a part of it-somewhat. :) I'm glad they got married!

We had a lot of leaves in Vancouver and Nick was nice enough to rake them in to a pile and let Ash play in them. She had so much fun helping her daddy and playing with him.

For those of you who have been graced by Nick's Manheim performance, you have been lucky enough to see his many talents... for those who have NOT seen should definitely see it. It's hilarious! I couldn't be prouder! :) ha ha

So, that's about it for now-Now it's your some random pictures...they are fun to look at! :)

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