Saturday, January 26, 2008

Library FUN!

On Thursday in Battle Ground, WA I took the babies to the library for story time. It was my first time out with "twins". Preston and Avery are only 3 months apart in age, so it was more difficult doing everything myself-getting them in and out of the van, in and out of the library, trying to keep track of them both when they decide to run in different directions-which one do you go after first?

Actually, it was a lot easier than I had anticipated and was WAY more fun than I thought too! Both kids did great and although their attention span is not long enough yet to really enjoy story/fun time, it was still a lot of fun taking them and enjoying it with them!

Avery is SO inquisitive! She observed people a lot and did a great job of paying attention. I loved it because it definitely reaffirms that girls are MUCH easier than boys!!!

Both kids were busy at one point or another with taking the book off the shelves. Here's the difference though-with Avery, I removed her from the temptation once and she stayed away, whereas Preston went back repeatedly when I tried to keep him away...he did NOT like being kept from those books!

Music time! They had bells to ring, scarves to play with, fun. Yup, this is Preston getting ready to throw it at me, while sweet Avery is so curious about hers....

Once story time was over the kids could play with toys, book, etc for a bit.

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