Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Pregnancy photos

A couple of you have asked to see what I looked like when I was pregnant, so here are a few pictures of those most uncomfortable days!

Pregnant with Christian-Woah....I am always surprised when I see these pictures that my belly could stretch that far!

Pregnant with Ashleigh-this picture didn't turn out too well....

This is pregnant with Preston (I still have over a month to go!)

Whats funny is, I watch this show called John and Kate plus 8-they are a couple who have twins and then had sextuplets...the mom said at her biggest her waist measured 54"....At my biggest-my waist measured 50"...and I only had 1 baby in there! holy cow. Definitely made me feel like a hefer! Ha ha.... Just glad those days are over!


arah said...

i thought I got big when I was pregnant...I never did measure myself, i should have. i gained enought weight though. Pregnant looks good on you...are you sure your done?

Nick and Meg said...

Oh yes, we are done...the medical measures have been taken and there is no way to take it back so we are definitely done. :) Thanks for the compliment though! I enjoy being pregnant...until the last month or so-once the swelling sets it, I'm hating life! I always gained WAY too much weight too...if you ever find a weight loss secret, let me know, it'll be nice to finally get all this extra fat off me! ugh... love ya!

Reese said... checking out your blog! Crazy prego pics. You just poke straight out, girl! Glad to see you and your fam are doing well. Are your parents getting home soon?? or are they home?