Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Pics from Battle Ground WA

Day #1-car ride home from the airport. Preston was all tuckered out. :)

What I wish I had gotten a picture/video of-the girls-Bridget and Ashleigh actually RUNNING to each other in the airport when we arrived! It was unbelievably cute!!!

We did a little sight seeing on our way to Emily's house. This is my parents old house in Vancouver-we lived here for almost 20 years! Lots of memories here.

Preston learned how to do stairs just a week or so before our trip-I'm glad since there are stairs at Em's house. By the last day, the front of Preston's calves were all red and scratched up. :) He sure had fun playing in all the room they have!

This is Jeffrey-He used to be my dog, that is, I bought him from the humane society, but soon decided I didn't want him and Emily happily took him. He's getting so old, but is still such a loving dog. Preston learned how to say "doggie" while we were there! Thank you Jeffrey!

Lovely cousins-Bridget and Ashleigh...Aren't they cute?!?

Sorry Em, I just had to take this picture-Emily has worked really hard and lost some weight-she looked FANTASTIC!!!! You really are HOT Em! :)

Preston and Avery-they loved playing together!

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