Monday, May 4, 2009

Farm Country field trip

Last week I got to help out at Ashleigh's school and take a group of her classmates on a field trip to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country. I was a little nervous about going on this field trip cause I have pretty bad allergies to most things outside! i took 2 allergy pills though and thankfully had very minimal issues.

I met Ashleigh's class there and found the group of kids I would be in charge of.
L to R--Chloe, Gracie, Jayce, Lydia, and Ashleigh (ash got to pick her group)

My kids holding hands on our way to Farm Country

This is Miss Betty--our guide! And this is 1/3 of all 4 kindergarten classes. there are only 19 kids in Ashleighs class--we LOVE how small it, she has her teacher AND a full time helper...
Anyway, here they are learning about the animals that they are going to see and what they eat or what their fur feels like.

Ash and her group...Jayce literally had to shove on the bench next to Ashleigh to sit by her....I think he likes her....

the kids had to go to jail--not sure why--and sing twinkle twinkle in order to get out.
Going on a ride...still haven't seen any animals. Notice where Jayce is sitting... lol.

Miss Betty driving us around Farm Country

Some baby pigs...they wouldn't show their faces...too interested in eating, i guess!

Gracie, Chloe, and Jayce---Ashleigh had disappeared with other classmates by this time, but these 3 stayed close by.

A goat

Jayce feeding a sheep

Funny story--shortly after the field trip started, Ash took off to be with other kids and Lydia took off to be with Ashleigh, but Chloe here decided that she wanted to stay with me and hold my hand the WHOLE TIME!!! She was my little mini-me. She was very attached and woudnt' go near the animals until I fed one or touched one first. It was really sweet.

Silly goats!!! (That man in the back with the sunglasses on his head--not a part of our group--was a jerk...kept flicking the goats ears and not letting the one by him eat! I was annoyed!)

A cow...with Jayce and Chloe

An Ass...ha ha...I am so childish...I said Ass.
This donkey was really loud!! Kept hee-hawing over and over again! it was pretty funny to see the kids jump when they first hear it....and then to see them laugh the rest of the time.

At the end of the trip the kids all got to go on a pony ride! My group was the last one of all the kindergartners.


And this is where I left them...heading to their bus after. They went to a park to play and have their picnic lunches. Overall, I had SO much fun on this field trip. I am really glad I volunteered to go. i will really miss this group of kindergartners...can't believe Ash will be a first grader soon! Wow!


Nick said...

did those pigs have Swine flu.. lol.. I am glad you had fun.. wish I could have been there

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Looks like fun!! Now post the fishing trip pics! :-) Love you.