Sunday, May 10, 2009

My boy...what a personality!

These are just some random pics over the past couple weeks.

Ashleigh and Preston riding in the helicopter ride at my work.

Preston insisted that he carry his own basket around while we shopped...but thought it would be more fun to sit inside it instead.

We've been working on our yard a lot over the past week...this tube Preston found is supposed to be on the ends of our gutter spouts to help keep the water away from our house. He found some little rocks, put them all inside and then told me he had to find "a high spot" so his rocks could roll out. He cracks me up with his crazy antics.


Ok, so this may look mean, but this is one of the ways we do punishments...When Preston talks back to us, or is sassy, or mean, etc...we make him do Nose and Toes...he has to stand against the wall with his nose and toes touching it. He doesn't enjoy it--although what kid likes punishment--but he will do it-and stay there-when we tell him to.

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Patrick and Emily said...

What a funny boy. Can't wait to see you all again soon.