Friday, May 8, 2009

Haircut time for Preston

I've blogged about this place before, but I just LOVE Cookie Cutters...Haircuts for Kids. Its such a fun environment for kids.

This is Ashlee. I warned her ahead of time that Preston would most likely be a handful and I apologized to her for it!

She was absolutely the perfect person to do Prestons haircut! She was quick, calm, and efficient!

And Preston was VERY happy with his haircut...once it was all done! :) Doesn't he look cute?!!

For anyone in this area interested---the first week of June is "buzz cut week" at Cookie Cutters... buzz cuts for $7.95 rather than the regular $13.95/cut they usually are. Call now to make your appointment! You won't regret it! I requested Ashlee again for Prestons buzz cut. :) Can't wait!

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