Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a hard day for me. I definitely pay tribute to those who fight for my country and who have fought in the past. And those who have died to defend my freedom! I never go a year with out thinking of all those brave men and women!

Since I was little kid, I always remember going to the cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of my relatives. As an adult and mom, I have gone to one particular cemetery to put flowers on my son's grave. However, since moving to Utah, I have not been able to visit his grave at Memorial day or his birthday, but I have an awesome sister who goes and visits for me. I love her SO much for it and I couldn't possibly thank her enough!

Emily sent me pictures of their visit to Christian's grave this year.......

Avery and Bridget at the grave

Bridget and Avery cleaning it off

The girls...after their hard work. It looks SO good!!!
I hope Em doesn't mind me sharing part of the email she sent me...while at the cemetery, Bridget, who is 5, asked the following questions....

"Mom, does Christian have a grave in Utah that Meggie and Nick go to?

"Mom, if I step on the stone, will it hurt Christian?"

"I miss Christian a lot." (she stuck by that statement even after I explained that he was born before she was born.)

"I'm kind of sad that Christian died"

"Christian's headstone is little cause he was little. Are the big 'standing up' stones for old people who died cause they were bigger?"

What cute things for her to ask! Ashleigh has often asked me a few of those same questions too....and still states that she misses Christian. I think it's sweet, considering she never met him here on earth. I often wonder if they were together before coming to Earth and how much time they had together...did they have a close enough bond that Ashleigh may actually remember him and miss him?


We went to the Call's for a barbecue dinner on Memorial day. It was a nice distraction....

We played badmitten and horseshoes while we waited for the food to get done cookin.

The kids found tons of rolly-polly bugs. Here's Ashleigh holding one.

And after dinner we chatted for a bit...woah, extreme close-up of Preston!

And then Randy treated us to dessert at Cold Stone. YUM! (Didn't take any pictures there.)
It was a fun day....

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Josh n Betsie said...

what fun I wish I was there to celebrate. I sure miss christian and you guys