Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

(lots of pictures ahead)

Ashleigh graduated from Kindergarten this morning! I still think it's strange to have a graduation for Kindergartners, but I guess it's a big thing around here! My mom and dad and Nick's mom came to the graduation! Ashleigh was SO happy that they came...and told me later that she had more people come for her than anyone else in her class! Yay!

The gym decorations...

Preston waiting for the graduates to arrive

Preston had a hard time staying away from the decorations!

Nick waiting for it to start

Chloe, Haylie, Ashleigh, and Errina
Cute little graduates

These kids were only absent 6 days or less for the whole year!
Ashleigh's "boyfriend" Jace is one of them--far left.

Mr. Stone-Principal, and Mrs. Wyatt-Teacher getting
ready to hand out Diplomas.
Ashleigh receiving her diploma....So excited!

The graduates

Ashleigh's whole class...only 19 kids...I love that!

Principal Stone and Mrs. Wyatt...she looks so happy and proud!
After the graduation we went to Ashleigh's classroom to enjoy some cake and visit

We had to get some "typical" graduation pictures
Meg, Ash, and Nick

Do-over picture
Meg, Ash, and Nick

Preston eating his piece of cake

The room-mom presented Ashleigh's teachers with little gifts and flowers. They have been GREAT teachers this year! I can only hope that her teacher next year will be just as good!!!!

Ashleigh with her teachers
Mrs. Fillmore (teachers assistant), Ashleigh, and Mrs. Wyatt (teacher)

The grandparent picture
Dad Ballard, (Preston), Mom Ballard, Ashleigh, and Mom Call

Thanks so much to Mom and Dad and Juli for coming and showing Ashleigh your support and love for her! We all really appreciated it!!! Love you!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

congrats, Ashleigh! You are the cutest graduate, that's for sure! We loved being there! Love, G'ma B

Tamsen said...
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Tamsen said...

Try again...

Cute cute pictures. Ash's school and teacher seem like they're terrific! Glad she's had such a great year.

M didn't have a graduation. I wonder what other schools do it??

On to the first grade!

Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to be able to at least attend some of my grandchildren's events. Ashleigh is a sweet girl. We are so proud of her. Thanks for inviting me. Love you all so much.

arah said...

so cute. We don't have a graduation here, they have a day where the parent are invited to see all the things they did this year though, i think a bbq also?
Your hair is cute. I really like the color. Nobody noticed my color change so much, they all thought I got a tan.