Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sick kids....really suck!

Ash got sick Monday night so we kept her home from school Tuesday...and again on Wednesday...and again on Thursday...and just when we thought she was getting better, she suddenly got much worse and we kept her home Friday too...

but her bottom tooth finally came out, so we had to make a call to the Tooth Fairy (who gave her a $1 gold coin)! Saturday she was still sick....but starting to feel "much better".

I pretty much thought we were in the clear until I got a text from Nick while I was at work Saturday night telling me that now Preston was sick--high fever!


So Preston slept most of Sunday and went from being hot to cold, and very uncomfortable all day. Clear signs that he has the flu. He very willingly went to bed at 8pm on Sunday night and was out like a light about 10 min later. Ash is doing tons better, but still not sure if we will send her to school Monday since Preston is sick...and we don't want this illness to spread to the other kids in her class.

Nick and I are drinking Airbourne and Emergen-C like crazy to hopefully prevent this illness from getting to us.

I am just glad the kids got sick this week instead of next...we have a date with Thomas the Train coming up next weekend! :)

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

I'm so sorry, Megan! Give them a G'ma hug from me, OK? Love you. mom