Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 degrees away....

Has any of you ever played the "....degrees from Kevin Bacon" game?

Did you know that I am only 3 degrees from him?

I was in a movie (Breaking in) with Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds was in a movie (Striptease) with Demi Moore

and Demi Moore was in a movie (A Few Good Men) with KEVIN BACON! :)

Pretty cool, huh? Is anyone closer? Let me know!

(After much research, I realized I am 2 degrees, NOT 3---Burt Reynolds was in a movie (Starting Over) with Kevin Bacon in 1979). Hee hee, that makes me even happier! Lol. I am strange.


Anonymous said...

I am about a million degrees away from Kevin Bacon. The most famous person I ever got near was Donny Osmond and all I did was shake his hand. Blah!!! So, I need to get your autograph very soon cause you are the most famous person I know. Good skating skills by the way! Love you!!!!!!!

Tamsen said...

Yes, I'm 2 degrees also, because even though I made it to the cutting room floor, I was in the same room as Burt while making the movie Breaking In. Does that count?

Nick and Meg said...

Juli, you are actually 4 degrees away from him now, because you know me! ;-) If you ever get close to Donny Osmond again, find out how his oldest son is doing....he's a cutie (at least he was 10 years

Tam--YES, that counts! :)

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