Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vancouver house

My parents were in Vancouver last weekend for Finley's blessing at church and they stopped by our old house that I grew up in. This post won't be of much interest to those of you not familiar with how my house used to look, but for those of you who've been in it a few times will notice the huge changes that the new owners made including knocking out a bunch of walls and painting a bunch of the rooms some horrible colors! It makes me SO sad to see how different it looks now.


Inside--from the kitchen looking towards the front door/living room

From the front door looking in to the dining room and kitchen--all the walls knocked down!

My mom in the kitchen--the walls used to be white with stencils and cupboards used to be wood (color). Looks like the appliances are all different too.

The family room in the basement
They also painted my sister's old room a BRIGHT purple!


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