Sunday, December 20, 2009


Preston LOVES to swing and hang on the treadmill. It's so so funny to watch him!

Here he is hanging. (the treadmill is on 0.5 mph)

and then he's sliding on it....(and no, he doesn't like wearing pants much!)

We're getting to the point where he doesn't take naps in the afternoon much anymore--usually he'll fall asleep in the car while we're running errands, or he'll fall over asleep around 5pm when he "skipped" a nap earlier! It's a little frustrating on those days---like this picture. We got back from playing outside and he just laid on the ground and fell asleep. He slept like that for almost 2 hours! Crazy kid!

We went to IKEA the other day and bumped in to Juli. We randomly do that sometimes. Preston decided that he was really tired so he hitched a ride on the yellow cart thing that Juli had for her bag of things she was going to buy. Preston got a hold of this strainer thing and thought it was fun/funny to put it on his nose. We didn't buy it....hope whoever did washes it before they use it! (sick) Lol!