Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finley's blessing

My parents and Kevin & Jana were able to go to Vancouver last weekend. My newest niece, Finley, was blessed at church. I wanted to go SO bad, but was unable. I am "borrowing" pictures my mom sent me from their trip.

Avery (almost 3 yrs), Finley (1 month), Bridget (almost 6 yrs)

Finley in her blessing gown

Bridget, Finley, and Avery

Finley :-)

Kevin holding Finley, and Jana
(Bridget in the background)

My mom holding Finley

My aunt Gwen holding Finley
She made the blessing gown :-)

Bridget, Finley, my dad, and Avery
I miss those girls SO much!!!!!! *tear sniff sniff*


Patrick and Emily said...

Your sister has some very cute kids! ;)

Nick and Meg said...

Yes...yes she does! :)