Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meg's life....

Since I am using this blog as a sort of journal, I figured I should write what's going on with me....

Nick got a new job at US Bank as the Assistant Branch Manager (YAY!!!!). He starts on Monday. The pay is better and it will cut his commute time in half! (another YAY!!!!) BUT....since I transferred to Sam's Club and they are not open 24hrs like Wal-mart was, my hours have been cut drastically! At Wal-mart I was working on average 20 hours/week. At Sam's, with Nick's new job, I will only be able to work 8-12 hrs/week. Plus, since working at Sam's, my scoliosis has flared up and I am constantly in pain in my back. So, after much discussion, we have decided that I stop working at Sam's and collect unemployment for a couple months until I can get hired somewhere else. (Not many people are hiring right now due to the holidays and for the hours that I need). My unemployment check won't be much, but it will be about $50/week MORE than I would be making if I continued to work at Sam' I won't have to spend money on gas or on my commute (car maintenance). We both feel really good about this decision--I get to be home again with my kids, and still make money.

I am searching diligently at trying to find a job that I will be able to do from home (thanks, Tam for the info) and hope that when I start working again I'll be able to work from home so I can be with my kiddos more. I am REALLY looking forward to this stage of my life and hope that I can find something that will keep me at home.

I have LOVED working these past couple years and am so glad that my kids are at an age where I can leave them with daddy if needed so I can help out the family and make some money on my own. Nick has been my biggest support and my biggest cheerleader and I love him SO much for all his help and love and commitment to me and taking care of our little family. He is truly my rock and the love of my life!!! I appreciate his dedication and willingness to work SO hard for us... especially when he was working at a job he hated!!! This new job of his will be GREAT and I am SO jealous of his new position--it's totally my kind of job and I want to steal it away from him. Lol.

Please keep us in your prayers as you are in ours. Thanks for your kind thoughts and words. We love each and every one of you who reads and/or comments on our blog! It's been SO fun having this place to share our life with you and to keep a record of the things that we do separately and as a family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! XoXoXo


Josh n Betsie said...

yay I am glad you get a little break from working. You have worked so hard these past years. Love ya

Tamsen said...

I hope you can find something from home. Let me know if I can help any more.

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