Saturday, December 5, 2009

So Nick put some sticky traps (with a little peanut butter incentive) on the floor of my van to hopefully catch the mice that have gotten in there. We checked the traps last night before we went to bed, but no mice yet.

This morning, Nick checked again before he went to work and there was a leg.
Apparently, the mouse got stuck, then chewed his leg off to get away! What kind of animal chews it's own leg off?!?!?!?
I can't even fathom doing that!
Now, some where out there is a bleeding legless mouse!
We'll try again tonight to actually CATCH it.
Anyone have any thoughts as to HOW it gets in my van!?!??!?!


arah said...

as gross as it is. That is a funny story.

Tamsen said...

I agree with Arah: Ew, but funny. But mostly ew.

You must have some pretty tasty stuff in your van if it's going to chew its own leg off to stay in there.


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, your stories of mice are a nightmare for me. I am terrified. In high school I would make Nick go places in my basement to check for mice first. And a mouse chewing off its' leg makes it all the worse. Ew.