Monday, January 21, 2008

Canceled Flight

Preston eating a cupcake-waiting for Nick to pick us up...

So fun day at the airport today. We got up at 6am, saw that it had snowed about 6" over night-and was still snowing and decided we had better leave a little early so we can get through traffic. We actually made good time considering that other people are morons on the road and in spite of them getting snow year after year, they still have no clue how to drive in it! The line at Southwest was completely empty-YIPEE-I found out my flight would have only about 50 people on board-definitely a plus when flying with 2 kids! I made it through security just fine. The kids were doing great! Then we hear that the flight we are waiting on from Denver had been delayed. Then we hear that a plane had gone off the runway! Then we hear that they are only using 1 runway for ALL departures AND arrivals! Our plane ends up arriving from Denver 45 min late. About 10 min after they land, we hear that our flight to Portland has been canceled and that the airport is CLOSED!!! So, I had to call Nick-who had just made it to work 30 min prior-to come back and pick us up. Thankfully, I was able to book a flight for Tuesday-COMPLETELY FULL FLIGHT :( and will be coming back on Saturday instead of Friday. sigh.

The good news is, it snowed most of the day today so the kids went out on our patio and played in it and then after work we went to the Call's for FHE and went sledding behind the truck! I was finally brave enough to go by myself and I am SO glad I was SO much fun!!! Ashleigh even went doubles with Nick. It's her first time going, and I was so proud. :) So, a disappointing day definitely turned out better than I had hoped. Here's hoping we can get out of town tomorrow though! Cheers!

My kidlets playing in the snow-poor Preston kept getting pegged by snowballs courtesy of Ashleigh. :)

Nick in the back of the truck waiting to sled....SOOO much fun!!!


arah said...

Hope your flight made it out alright today!
I remember when i had a flight that got cancelled. The next day i came back and my flight was serverely delayed and then i finally got on the plane, waited and waited on the runway, got to my layover and was there for hours and hours and hours and then finally flew into Spokane in a HORRIBLE snow storm...freaky! I hate flying in the winter.

manders said...

Crazy girl, sorry about itbeing cancelled but at lease you are still going. Sorry I can't come there I am sad but have tons of fun.
luv ya