Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another tooth has gone missing...

Not really, I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy took it, because a dollar was left behind in it's place!

Ashleigh's top right tooth has been mildly wiggly for a couple weeks. Tonight it was REALLY wiggly, but she gets nervous when she thinks about someone trying to pull it out, so we just let it be and let it fall out when it wants to.

Right after I left for work tonight I got a call from Ashleigh telling me that that tooth finally fell out. I guess she was eating dinner, bit down a little too hard, and it popped out! She said it didn't hurt at all! Yay.

Nick got right on the phone to call the tooth fairy and let her know that Ash lost another tooth and could she please come tonight to take it and leave Ash some money for it.

(Ash just LOVES that Nick does that...I'll be sad when she stops believing in the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny, etc)

The adult tooth hasn't started to show through yet, so she'll look pretty silly for a couple weeks until it comes through. I still think she is just adorable!
(Phone pic...not great quality)

Nick and I were looking through old photo albums last night....of Ash as a baby. And we kind of just stopped and looked at each other with a bewildered look on our faces and said--wow, can you believe it's been 6 years!!! How fast time flies! I think 6 is pretty 6 more years she'll most likely have started her period, 6 years later, she'll be graduating high school, and 6 years later (we hope) she'll be getting married! It's pretty mind blowing how fast it goes by when I think about it like that....


Tamsen said...

She looks so cute!!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Yep - it is pretty fast! Enjoy the journey! She looks so cute and she didn't have G'ma pull either of the last two teeth. What bravery! Love you. mom