Monday, May 12, 2008


I know, I know, it was Sunday yesterday, but when you get something "new" you just have to try it out, right? ;-)

We brought home the Call's basketball hoop last night and set it up so that we can start playing together--Preston is overly obsessed with watching or playing basketball--and he's not even 2 yet-so after we set it up, we decided to play for a bit.

Ashleigh didn't want any help from Nick or I and basically kept one of the balls to herself and mainly just practiced dribbling, but would occasionally take a shot at the hoop-the ball would either go strait up, or go forward not getting anywhere near the hoop, but we encouraged all her effort and I know she had so much fun!

Preston-when he had the ball would kind of bob up and down a little and then make a move like he was going to shoot it, but instead would stop-and back up in to Nick's legs and say-"ready"-and Nick would lift him up so he could shoot the ball. Which he did-very well! He would repeat this over and over each time he got the ball. It was hilarious! Preston was VERY upset when it was time to come inside--I think basketball will definitely be the FHE of choice for a while! can we incorporate a church lesson in to it?

I was able to get a few pictures of our playing....

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