Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ward BBQ

We went to our ward BBQ on Saturday. We didn't think about bringing anything fun that the kids could play with outside, but that was ok...Preston soon found this volleyball that the bishops family brought and WOULD NOT let it go! He was completely obsessed with it---as he is with ALL sports balls.

Do you see the person in the middle of the picture sitting in the grass? I told Ashleigh she could go play with the other kids so she went, but when I looked over she had isolated herself and was sitting on the grass all alone. It was really pitiful...Then she came back to me and said she didn't want to play...is that weird???

Randy and Juli were so great---they came to the BBQ too. That's Randy's Grill--they were sharing with another man from our ward. Isn't that nice of them?

I didn't really get any good shots of everyone together, so sorry that this picture pretty much blows, but it does have Randy eating his favorite thing---STEAK!

Preston loves his Grandpa Call and always seem to be asking for him. Randy is very sweet to always "watch him" when we all get together. He even helped Preston bounce on that chain rope in the background. So much fun....
We had an awesome time...I loved spending time with my in-laws! It was a great day!!!

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