Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New haircut and other pictures

Preston's hair is unmanageable and I was getting tired of making it look nice and one second later he is rubbing his hands all over it and ruining it...grrr, so Nick took some time before cutting his own hair to cut Prestons. :) It's really short-he looks like he should be in the military now and he looks much older to me. But I really like it a lot!!!

Hair cut picture #2 Can you tell? I'm sure you'll be able to see in future pictures. It really looks good on him!

I have been doing this since I was 12 or so...taking pictures of myself. Sorry, can't seem to help it. Anyway, so here's me. blah blah blah...

I am constantly taking pictures of the kids---I have dozens and dozens that don't make it on the blog. I usually take pictures of the kids while I am at a red light or a stop sign and with out telling them first so I get candid shots. Ash saw me fiddling with the camera so she was ready with a scowl when I took this shot of her. Little stinker. I guess it's ok-she always smiles so pretty for me that it's actually refreshing to have her scowl. ha ha. oh, and yes, that's my head....

Nope, can't have just a picture of Preston...Ash HAD to pop in there too! ha ha, cute though, right? ;-)

Silly girl!

Preston is obsessed with any/all sports balls. In the car today during our Memorial Day family drive he kept asking for the basketball, I finally gave it to him and with in about 10 minutes he was sound asleep. So cute! Poor kid has no idea that he'll probably be a 5'10" white guy who will have little to no chance of ever being in the NBA. Ha HA, oh-well... :)
Once again, a picture of myself, but this time I have a very messy, very cute little boy in my arms. I LOVE snuggling with him--he never holds still to just love him, so I LOVE holding him when he is asleep!!!


arah said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the first picture of Preston smiling. What a ham.
I always take pictures of myself too. Who else is going to take them if you always have the camera, right?

Josh n Betsie said...

your so cute. I love when you update your blog. So fun! I wish I was there to have fun with you all. Love ya and miss ya