Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm back....

I've had a rough couple of weeks with out my camera and just haven't had anything creative to add to my blog. Our camera, as it turned out, takes pictures, but they show up really blurry-like you're shaking the camera when you take them, so we broke down and bought ourselves a new one. It's just like our old one, but 1/2 the cost and it's black-not silver. Our silver one was a 5.0 megapixels and our new one is 7.1. More than enough pixels if you ask me. There are some definite differences to this new camera, but I like it a lot so I have been using it a lot! Here are some random pictures...... ENJOY!

Our new camera.... :-)

Preston in a grumpy mood---he knows how to say "no" really well now and says it constantly, but drags it out like "nooo" and he says it really sweetly.

Can you see Ashleigh in the drivers seat? We have about 3 blocks that we let her get on our laps on drive home. Nick was nice enough to let her drive today. I have VERY fond memories of driving on my dad's lap...I hope this is something she always remembers!

Later that day we had a car washing and cleaning out activity...we bought Ash that little window washing thing like you see at the gas stations so she helped daddy dry his car with it!

I had to take Ash to the dr's yesterday for her Kindergarten physical and check up. Preston LOVES these toys-I tell ya, whoever invented it is a gosh darn genius!

Ash--patiently waiting for the doctor...they take FOREVER!!! A 15 min appt usually takes more than an hour! I hate it, but I like her dr so it's ok...

Besides, I can always pass the time by taking pictures of my cute kids!!! (Preston insists on saying "cheese" and making that face whenever he sees me with the camera!)

Ash jamming to some music on the ride home. ha ha--she's so funny!

"What the heck is my sister doing?!?"

We went on a family walk the other night and we noticed these hundreds of holes in the wall of one of the mini mountains/hills by our house...I think birds live in there, Nick thinks it's bugs/animals...who knows-Any ideas? It was amazing to see, whatever it is!

Preston climbing off my bed---what's with that face!? Must have caught him at a bad angle...oh-well....

Preston is the epitome of a true boy, but occasionally he makes me question him when he tries on and walks around in Ashleigh's shoes....thankfully today it was just her snow boots, but it's usually her "heel-shoes" (church shoes). He's such a strange kid!

We bought the kids this little plastic golf set---Preston is obsessed with it and tries to take it with him whenever we are outside-so cute!

Ash riding her scooter

Preston...won't let go of the balls from the golf set, unless I asked for them, then he would chuck them at my face! grrr......

I love this picture....

And this is my house....I realized I didn't have a current picture of it since we moved in, so here it is. Can you see the storm clouds behind? About 20 min after this pic was taken the rain started and we had lightning and thunder for about 2 hours! I totally loved it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hurray for you new camera and the new pictures. I love them lots. And I love you all lots.

Laur said...

Im sorry it seems like this is all i ever say on my comments, but dude, that first picture of ash at the doctor, the one where she is alone... is the most gorgeous picture i have ever seen. That should be framed and put on some important wall somewhere.
give her a kiss for me.

Patrick and Emily said...

Your comments about Preston being strange are some of the same things I say about Avery too. I don't think it's all because he is a boy; I think it's just that age! So cute! I am jealous that Ashleigh poses so well for the camera. Bridget either scowls or gives us this really strange half-smile. :( Can't wait to see you!!

Reese said...

Girl, you need to stop taking pics while driving!! :) Cute pics of the kids. Glad you have a new cam.